Sunday, September 25, 2016

EOBOT sucks

Buying hashpower from EOBOT is going to be absolute waste of money. With 500 GHs I make more than .01 Dash in Genesis , but with EOBOT probably same amount of DAsh it takes 2 days with same 500 GHs.
But, EOBOT is legit for sure. I withdrew few funds and got the payout. But I have no idea why the mining is so slow, most probably because of higher fees. So if you want to choose between eobot and Genesis mining , I will suggest Genesis 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Best and Worst Cloud Mining sites

Let me start with the Worst cloud mining site - EOBOT , I invested $85 and the return or should I say projected return for first year is less than $20. Initially I was mining @DAO , and after the +Ethereum fork, I lost all my @DAO holding, brining down my return.

Best return I am getting is from Hasheer. I am mining +Bitcoin with Hasheer, I got 2 TH mining power and making $2 return everyday. That is pretty awesome in my opinion as long as Hasheer continues to pay out. 

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Comparison between cloud mining options

I am using 2.5 tera hashes from different cloud mining companies.
Why not from same company? What if the company stops paying or goes out of business? I will lose all business, so I have put my eggs in different baskets.

Here are the services i use -

EOBOT - per 1 TH you pay $170 USD or equivalent bitcoin and you can mine all major coins with that.

Hashflare - per tera hash you end up paying 160 USD or equivalent BTC

Genesis - You need to pay 190 USD or equivalent BTC for 1 TH

Hasheer - per TH you pay 0.18 BTC, that is the one payment option they accept

Genesis is like most dependable one and most used I believe, but Hasheer is most profitable as long as they keep on paying

Saturday, July 30, 2016

IS legit or a scam?

Hasheer gives you 500GHash free for a week or so, anyway, you cannot withdraw any fund until you buy hashrate.
But they did pay me, I have posted a proof, I made a purchase of 200 Ghash and requested payout, took around 4 - 5 hours to reach my wallet. So, overall I will say it is legit and you can join today. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to become a mystery shopper?

It is true that you can become a mystery shopper and make little money. You get to audit, eat out ( read experience and evaluate) , visit stores make small purchases and get paid for all these. And yes, if you need to purchase a service and product as part of your assignment , usually they tell you your spend limit and as long as you do not over spend, they will reimburse your expenses.

Personally I like these small gigs very much. I will recommend Bestmark, as I have got assignments from them and they paid for successful completion. You can sign up for BestMark here and engage / apply in all sorts of assignments to make some extra money. Best Mark is best for car sale related assignments, car service etc, check out the video below, so basically in case you are shopping around for car purchase or car service, you can make money doing that with BestMark

Saturday, July 23, 2016

HodlCoin Mining - How to Mine HodlCoin?

Mining Hodlcoin is really easy. It is a 5 steps process -
  1. Step 1. Download the wallet
  2. Step 2. Install it
  3. Step 3. Make sure you are connected to internet, so the wallet can download the blockchain
  4. Go to Mining tab and click on solo mining, oh, make sure you have at least 2 - 4 gb ram
  5. This will use your CPU to mine coins , with my i5 I was mining at 70 - 80 hashes/sec

Hodl pays you to be a long term investor, check out the chart above, there is APR and bonus for keeping your Hodl.

I found 12 blocks those automatically turned into fixed deposits for 1 year. 1 year is a long wait time, but if you have some power in CPU to spare, you can mine the coin, I do not see much downside to this, if the coin price goes up you can make money.

Hodl coin can be exchanged too, but that is like 1 year away from the day you find your first block.

Friday, July 08, 2016

How to use Cloud Mine in EObot?

Eobot offers a cloud mining and you can mine lots of coins using it.

Yes, I took the short cut and now you can see ( in the picture above) the name of the coins you can mine. I think it is best to buy some cloud mining power and start mining.

Based on my research I would stick to following coins -

1. Dogecoin

2. DAO


4. Etherium

I am not planning to bitcoin, as the difficulty is up and the block halving and stuff , so I do not expect to profit from mining anyway.

The cloud costs .17 USD MHS and you can buy using your cryptocurrencies , bank account and credit card .

If you buy using bank account you wont be able to withdraw funds for 60 days and in case of credit card purchases, mined funds will be blocked for 6 months. There is no such hold for crypto purchase.

I will update once I start withdrawing funds.

Sign Up for EOBOT HERE.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Review of Hashflare for Bitcoin and ETH mining

May be this is bit too soon to review Hashflare, but I decided to write it anyway. Hash flare provides cloud mining, you can mine Bitcoin , Ether or litecoin.
To be precise, there are 3 products you can buy

SHA256 - This is as long as mining remain profitable and mines Bitcoin

Scrypt - This one to mine Litecoin, but pays in equivalent of bitcoin, and this mining will also continue till mining remains profitable

ETHHASH - this is to mine Ether or Etherium , mining contract is for 1 year. Pay out in Ether.

Price -

SHA- 256 - .80 USD per GHash/ Sec

Scrypt - 9.9 USD / MHash / Sec

ETHASH - 35USD / MHAsh / Sec

I purchased all 3 of them using credit card, and I cannot withdraw funds for 14 days. But, I think mining bitcoin is not that profitable , because it is not easy to mine, same for litecoin. I would rather mine for something that is worth something and mining is easy.

I am optimistic about Ether, anyway, I will keep you posted once I cash out whatever is mined. You can sign up here.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

How to mine using best Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin cloud mining sites?

Cloud mining sites are best to start mining with. You do not need any hardware or equipment and still you can mine and make crypto-currencies. But, you need to buy hash , it is like bandwidth for a layman. The more Hash you buy, you will have more mining power, it means faster mining.

Genesis Mining -  I think this is the most popular one, I paid them using credit card and ended up paying cash advance fee and foreign transaction fee, anyway, you can pay using bitcoin to avoid stupid fees.

They are supposed to have auto payout but I am currently on hold because I paid using credit card.

Hashflare - I personally like it better than Genesis mining, hashes are cheaper, and this is also in Estonia, while Genesis is in Bermuda , and I paid using credit card, they put me on a 14 day hold, but they show you return in terms of USD, which is cool.

Minergate - Minergate is not exactly a cloud miner, you will need to install their GUI miner and mine using your GPU / CPU, which is pretty cool.

In case you want to pay using bitcoin and do not have any, you can start here.

If you have any question, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

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