Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bid like a pro in Quibid - this is a quick tips sheet to make you bid smart

Hey, as always I wanted to share my experience with you. So, I am assuming you already know what Quibid is, it is most popular penny auction site as of now.

How does it work ?

First time user or regular users buy prepaid bid packages, each bid cost ( 60 cents right now, may go up or down later). So, you put a bid and you lose 60 cents for each placed bid. If you win something with 1 bid, you will spend 60 cents + 1 cent = 61 cents. Hope you got the idea, how much you spend with each bid.

How does company make money ?

Say, in any auction something gets sold for 10 cents, that means company sells that item for $6.1. So, people tell you he/ she won something for 1 penny is absolutely possible if you are super crappy with math.

How to start?

Quibid is an honest site. They have good tutorial and good disclosure about their business model. You have to be smart to read between lines and do the math. Anyway, just sign up and buy the starting bidding package, currently costing $60 for $100( may change in future). You can actually later cash out contacting support team ( for unused bids) or buy bids using the links they have all over the site.

1. First tip - read the help
2. Watch the videos on youtube - remember they are not pro, pro wont give away his winning technique
3. watch auctions for a while - control the itchy finger

Do not bid on JUST ANYTHING

Remember, this is not EBAY but more of a gambling site and chances are you will lose all your money without winning anything if you keep on shooting on just everything.
So with starter pack, you can put 60 bids, or think it in this way, you can bid 1 cent on 60 different items, and chances are someone will outbid you, think about it.

Choose your battle wisely - bid on the stuff if you really want it. If you are a man you do not want to bid on a woman wear. Or do you?

If you get into a bidding - do not leave the battle - sticking to the bidding battle would be only way of not losing money. How? Continue reading.

You wont get this tip on quibids on internet - so read on. Say something is being auctioned that is worth $10. You make 10 bid and you have another guy bidding against you placed another 10 bids ( chances are there will be many more than just 1 guy bidding against you). With your 10 bids you have already spent $6 on it, do not quit, Quibids has already earned $12.20 on it, you cannot back down now. Just look below, there will be a button to "Buy Now" and that would ask for $4 to buy that thing being auctioned. So you get the thing for 10 bucks.

Well, here is a catch - quibids selling ( or showing) stuffs for $10 are actually less on ebay. But, again it makes sense to but 1 extra dollar than losing $6. This is just example, mostly you will see   this happening in big ticket items.

So my big tip - stick to gift cards - you cannot go wrong with this strategy. Worst case you end up paying one extra dollar as shipping and handling charge for the gift card.

Flippers - I do not think you can make a fortune here. With so much competition and quibids putting prices higher ( significantly) chances are you cannot sell stuffs on ebay on MRP. So, I really do not know if it a good idea to be a flipper without a great luck.

Again - stick to low ticket items, that you can actually use, in case you cannot flip it, you will be able to use it. I get the itch in your finger, but just know this, there is a bigger gambler out there to outbid you, may be he is too drunk to know how much he is putting on bet, do not be an ass, know your limit and do not be a gambler.

Again, do not forget to browse through their help articles, quibids has done a great job preparing those help topics those are useful. 


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review - Premier Protein Yogurt and peanut crunch

I want to start with saying I am a fan of protein bars and cereal bars. In protein bars Premier protein is my preferred brand. Usually they pack a bar with 18 - 30gm protein and around 200 - 300 cals. You can have these bars between meals, pre / post workout and if you are craving something sweet.

I got a free sample of Premier Protein "Yogurt peanut crunch", and they deserve to be appreciated as the bar had 30gm protein packed in it. But I really did not like the salty taste of it. I do not know   how much this bar costs and probably I will never know either as I did not like the taste, I am never going to buy it again anyway. You can get premier protein bars in Costco or Walmart.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

When Fit is unfit -

So, few days back I told you guys that to track your physical activities you do not need to buy wearable as long as you have android or iphone. I personally never owned iPhone 6 so can't speak for it, but as I posted I use android "Fit" app by Google. But, for last 2 weeks I was trying to figure out where "Fit" does not work or does not detect your activities.

For last 2 weeks I do not sit in office and stand while working on desk - "Fit" does not detect that activity. While working I wasn't really standing like the royal guards in Buckingham palace, I was moving, but not sure if that was enough to move my phone in my pocket.

I tried with data connection off and found out "Fit" does not work with "no data" connection or "no wi fi" 

But again, jawbone up or fitbit does not detect cycling. "Fit" is still free and wont give your skin rash. I cannot comment on apple health app but I would expect it to be better. One thing to remember, I have adjusted calibration in phone, so phone should understand when I move it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and share your experience below.

Update: 3/22/2015 - Fit works without internet, sorry I was wrong before. I ran on treadmill and checked how well it detects time spent running, well that is not accurate, if you run for 5 minutes it would detect 3 - 4 minutes. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

How "Fit" is better than wearables?

If you have read my last post "Does Jawbone UP do any good to your health?" then it will be easier for me to make you understand that why I think the android app by "Google" called "Fit" is better than the wearables.

"Fit" automatically detects running / walking / cycling 
This detection is not accurate though, if you do not move your hand and still keep on moving fit thinks that you are riding a bike. 

Install in all devices, carry just one 
I have 3 android devices and I have installed "Fit" app in all 3, as long as I am carrying any one of those, my activity gets tracked and synced across all devices. 

If you have internet on device, Fit has in built GPS to track your movement
My Up cannot track the GPS location but Fit can

Most importantly this app is free and has no uncomfortable wrist band or anything.

So, in short, in future these apps (like google fit or the apple version of the health tracker) would be a killer alternative of these wearables such as jawbone UP or fitbit. If you are invested in those companies you should think again ;) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Does Jawbone UP do any good to your health?

You might have read it 100 times that even if you cannot go to the gym everyday, try to walk for an hour everyday. You do not need a pedometer for that, your cell phone or wrist watch is enough to measure the time.

Anyway, when I bought the jawbone up exactly 1 year back, someone in office told me, it is a piece of crap, with perspective to what this device does. I have seen many status and posts from my friends stating that ftbit or jawbone is not worth trying, these do not make you fit.

I thought of sharing my opinion with you - let me tell you first thing, if you are looking for a pedometer, there is an app for android "Fit" by Google, it does good job, only catch is you have to keep your cell phone all the time. This is a free app, and to track sleep there is an android app called "Sleeptime"- it has a demo version or you can unlock the whole thing for little more that $1. And I use these 2 apps but still I like my up band, not because it looks cool or anything, First let me tell you the utilities -

1. you put this band on your wrist and it track your steps
2. you can track your sleep time
3. You can track your workout time
4. you can track your nap time
5. You can sync the device with myfirnesspal or track all you eat in the UP app

1. This band is not a watch, does not show you time
2. Does not have GPS, can't locate you
3. There is an free app "UP" you have to sync your device with the app to upload and store all the data
4. If you have the band on and you ride a bike, odd are the band wont track anything
5. I charge this device weekly
6. This is not water resistant

Now, let me come to the part whether or not you should get it, point is, if you are not a competitive person don't buy it. I bought it for USD 90 but nowadays with a good deal you can get it for $30. Getting into a habit to wear it all the time is a problem, if you use a computer, with the band on, typing would be uncomfortable. But if you are competitive by nature this device will definitely motivate you to outbeat yourself and then you get stats from community and these stats motivates me to move more. I am not going into the discussion if you lose weight using this device or not, all I am saying it motivates you to walk or run , helps you to stay active. I will leave it up to you if you wanna buy the device. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Cheers 


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