Saturday, February 28, 2015

How "Fit" is better than wearables?

If you have read my last post "Does Jawbone UP do any good to your health?" then it will be easier for me to make you understand that why I think the android app by "Google" called "Fit" is better than the wearables.

"Fit" automatically detects running / walking / cycling 
This detection is not accurate though, if you do not move your hand and still keep on moving fit thinks that you are riding a bike. 

Install in all devices, carry just one 
I have 3 android devices and I have installed "Fit" app in all 3, as long as I am carrying any one of those, my activity gets tracked and synced across all devices. 

If you have internet on device, Fit has in built GPS to track your movement
My Up cannot track the GPS location but Fit can

Most importantly this app is free and has no uncomfortable wrist band or anything.

So, in short, in future these apps (like google fit or the apple version of the health tracker) would be a killer alternative of these wearables such as jawbone UP or fitbit. If you are invested in those companies you should think again ;) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Does Jawbone UP do any good to your health?

You might have read it 100 times that even if you cannot go to the gym everyday, try to walk for an hour everyday. You do not need a pedometer for that, your cell phone or wrist watch is enough to measure the time.

Anyway, when I bought the jawbone up exactly 1 year back, someone in office told me, it is a piece of crap, with perspective to what this device does. I have seen many status and posts from my friends stating that ftbit or jawbone is not worth trying, these do not make you fit.

I thought of sharing my opinion with you - let me tell you first thing, if you are looking for a pedometer, there is an app for android "Fit" by Google, it does good job, only catch is you have to keep your cell phone all the time. This is a free app, and to track sleep there is an android app called "Sleeptime"- it has a demo version or you can unlock the whole thing for little more that $1. And I use these 2 apps but still I like my up band, not because it looks cool or anything, First let me tell you the utilities -

1. you put this band on your wrist and it track your steps
2. you can track your sleep time
3. You can track your workout time
4. you can track your nap time
5. You can sync the device with myfirnesspal or track all you eat in the UP app

1. This band is not a watch, does not show you time
2. Does not have GPS, can't locate you
3. There is an free app "UP" you have to sync your device with the app to upload and store all the data
4. If you have the band on and you ride a bike, odd are the band wont track anything
5. I charge this device weekly
6. This is not water resistant

Now, let me come to the part whether or not you should get it, point is, if you are not a competitive person don't buy it. I bought it for USD 90 but nowadays with a good deal you can get it for $30. Getting into a habit to wear it all the time is a problem, if you use a computer, with the band on, typing would be uncomfortable. But if you are competitive by nature this device will definitely motivate you to outbeat yourself and then you get stats from community and these stats motivates me to move more. I am not going into the discussion if you lose weight using this device or not, all I am saying it motivates you to walk or run , helps you to stay active. I will leave it up to you if you wanna buy the device. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Cheers 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Probably your wings are keeping you up in night

So after 2.5 years I decided to finally share this with you - have you ever faced problem sleeping on a a week night ?

I am not going into any scientific studies, every study has it's own agenda, I will share my experience. In 2011 I could not sleep the whole September. No, I wasn't in love, I did not lose job nor I was in depression. I had caffeine intoxication. Probably you have not even heard of it or may be you are thinking if this is a real thing. Let me assure you, this is real and when you take more caffeine than your body can process, you body starts storing caffeine and this is not good. Your heartbeat goes up, all the time, even if you do not feel excited, your heart will make you feel restless and then you lose sleep and this thing is weird. As you do not sleep at night, next morning to make yourself feel better you drink coffee or tea and take even more caffeine that adds to the problem.

I did not know all these and as I drank rockstar, redbull and coffee and I pretty much became insomniac, I did lot of research about falling asleep, finally when I visited doctor, he figured out the problem and told me to drink water for 7 days and I did that.

So, all I am trying to say, watch your caffeine intake, limit your coffee and energy drinks, remember sleep is important to keep yourself fit. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to prepare yourself for a long flight ( yes, I am talking about 10+ hours in a coop here)?

My job drags me often to places that takes 10 or more hours of air travel, and I can tell you I am not a fan of flight that long, in fact I find airtravel very boring be it for 2 hours or 12 hours.

Since I have experienced long air travels many times I thought of sharing some with you, Starting with check in and security clearance, it would be better that if you stay prepared.  Start with what to put in your check in luggage -

1. Check the countries customs web site and airlines web site to understand what you can carry in check in luggage and how much.
2. I would recommend you to not to keep any metal on you as when you get through the check in you have to lose everything anyway, so the less you carry the faster you will get through.
3. If you are travelling in night, make sure you take a power nap in afternoon as if you are travelling in economy class the babies will keep you awake even if the cramped space does not stop you from sleeping.
4. Put on moisturizer on your skin else your skin will dry out and it does not feel good.
5. Do not drink alcohol and try to drink as much as juice and water possible to dodge dehydration, otherwise you will be dehydrated when you reach your destination.
6. Please be respectful to co passengers and the cabin crew, the long journey often makes you uncomfortable but bear in mind your co passenger is in same flight so as the cabin crew.
7. You will have 2 options to kill time, best bet will the movies and next option - if you can manage to get some sleep. Try to carry your own headphone, if you want noise cancellation, the headphones supplied by airlines are often not good enough and uncomfortable.
8. Last is regarding the lavatory - with time the toilet becomes increasingly dirty, so use your best judgement, be respectful to the next person using the lavatory after you, do your best not to leave it in unpleasant condition.

Again, asking around regarding others experiences - is a good habit, but the points I have mentioned above would help you too. Leave your comments below and let me know if the points above are helpful. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My experience with Schick Hydro 5 Disposables

To start with this topic I must tell you that I have been using Gillette product ever since I started shaving. I started with Gillette mach 3 and then moved to the latest gillette products and since I was happy with Gillette products, I never thought of switching to any other shaving product.

And for your information I am eastern Indian and have an oily sensitive skin. sent me this Schick Hydro 5 razors, and after using the razor I thought of giving them a shout out as you can tell I am impressed with Schick Hydro 5.

Good Things about the blade:

5 blades give you very close shave with single stroke
The gel reservoir keeps your skin hydrated ,so you do not feel irritation

First time I tried with 3 - 4 days old stubble and it worked fine, so of course I was impressed and I did not get any razor bumps. One thing, the handle will appear to be odd if you are a Gillette user like I am.

P.S: This is not a paid review, like I mentioned already, I got these free to test and thought of sharing review after using the product.


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