Monday, August 3, 2015

East's journey towards West - How India is staying behind?

I just read an article about Walmart planning to open few stores in India and it kind of made me think, how India manage to stay behind. And I am not questioning our broken school education system or super bad health care system or corrupt kings and queens ruling ignorant citizens who dreams of better days / nights.

If you live in urban India then you know how shopping malls, Pizza Huts, Dominoes, KFCs and all these multinational crap sellers taking over the country. And honestly I do not mind these multinationals charging high price for crappy food, all I am bothered about, how our stupid youth ( I happened to be one in the party) think Macdonald burger and deep fried chicken wings are better just because these are American companies. I am really concerned that our large youth who mostly stick their potbelly to the office desk, forget about working out, I knew guys who never took their butts off the chair they sat on in the morning. All these junks would do is make their life miserable once they turn 40.

This is a social problem that -
1. teenagers goes to these fast food chains to have some "we" time
2. white collars have turned towards pizza , burgers and deep fried chickens to celebrate their slavery
3. In India nobody knows importance of health, we mostly think eating lot of carbs and fats will make us strong ( please read will make us fat)
4. All these multinationals moving to India do not go just go for the big market, they go for the big ignorant market. While sale of these junks going down to these first world countries due to awareness of healthy eating, but our stupid and ignorant citizens think that drinking like fish and eating on junk is social status enhancer gives these companies a big market and they are just chasing in, being an investor I do not think these companies are doing any wrong.

This is unfortunate that we are missing the opportunity to cash in, walmart is opening stores and most probably will bring cheap stuffs from China to sell in India, so all these companies are generating jobs like restaurant waiters / managers/ cleaners, store manager and attendants and few security guards but where are the manufacturing jobs? You guessed it right, not in India.

Put your comments below this post and let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to stay motivated in Gym ? I don't feel like working out, but I want to work out

So, this is story of 80% of populated, you go to gym 2 - 3 times a week and then you do not feel like going or you do not see any improvement so what's the point of going to gym?

1. you need to set a target - and you need to run towards that. Your target should be say losing 20 pounds in 2 months or losing 5 inches of waist size or anything like that. I have seen improvement and reaching target is the best motivator.

2. Healthy competition - you can find a work out buddy and compete with him so that both of you stay on track.

3. Healthy lifestyle - you cannot just eat anything or live any lifestyle, you got to eat right and sleep right so that you feel energized enough to go to gym and then get started.

4. lose those friends - you cannot handout with those friends who forces you to drink or you have pizza party with, like I said, you cannot jut have anything and everything, you need to control your diet.

5.Choose your gym - so you need to pick a gym carefully, you do not want to see sloths around you, you need to see people who look good and full of energy, and knowledgeable, so that if you do not know how to use an instrument, someone can guide you.

6. Hire an instructor - money is a big motivator, hire a personal trainer  who will push you, so that you get in better shape and feel good about yourself, do you remember what Kevin Spacey Said in American Beauty? You need to look good, you need to see positive change to stay motivated. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 Gym Myths - learn to manage expectation to stay motivated

After 12 hours I know there are lot of myths among people who do not work out or go to gym. I will try to compile those here -

1. I go to gym, I can eat anything - no you cannot. going to gym and staying addicted to greasy and carb full diet is like pressing gas and break pedal together, all you will get is wheel spin, you cannot move forward.

2. Whoever goes to gym becomes beefy like WWE wrestler - well I wish this was true, I am going to gym for last 12 years, I do not take steroids or any other protein, I am no where near being as jacked as any WWE wrestler.

3. You become dumb - well in my experience if you don't work out or live a healthy life you are already dumb. And as far as being dumb goes, blood flow to your body parts will make them stronger, not weaker, so work out should b good for brain.

4. You get jacked up easily - I do not think so, depends on your diet, work out routine and life style, moreover you need to work really hard to body / physique you dream of, it is never easy to build or maintain.

5. Yoga is better than Gym - it is like saying biology is better than physics, I do not want to say anything else. Yoga has a different purpose than work out, you can do both and learn / realize the different.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Please do not do this in Gym

I started working out in Gym 12 years back when I joined college. I have been to many gyms, one reason being, I moved a lot in last 4 years. Sydney, New Jersy, Boston, Delaware, DC, Cali and I have worked out continuously. So, I have seen lot of people hustling with weights and have seen people being complete annoyance. Why?

1. You stink - common dude use deo and wash your clothes
2. You sweat - we all do, but the difference between you and I - I am hygiene conscious, I do not like it when you leave your sweat drops on the trade mill, please wipe it off.
3. You are too strong - We all get it, you can list 200lbs and we cannot, but that does not give you free pass to grunt and make those weired sounds
4. You drop weights - Are you going to replace it, in case you break it?
5. You think you own the gym - you go the weight rack and then do not leave space to others, please do not forget others might need weights too, please give space to others so that they can pick up the weights from rack.
6.You gossip too much - Gym is not pub, we go there to work out not to chit chat.
7. You do not own the machine - You can actually share that machine with others, in case you realize you are taking 2 - 3 mins betweens sets and someone else who is waiting to use the machine could have used it in between.

Please be considerate, you are sharing the gym with others and you don't need to act as an ass if someone else if being one.  

Why "morning" is the best time for grocery shopping?

In last May,2015 I moved to Cali with my friend who is staying here for last 4 years. So the sidewalks in Fremont inspired me to take occasional strolls and of course the beautiful San Francisco weather is a big boost. Here we have trader joe's , safeway , target and other stores just next block, and being a morning person I went grocery shopping in the early morning. I found it really good experience shopping in the first hour of the morning.

1. aisles are not crowded
2. selves are freshly stocked up
3. faster check out
4. If you already know what you want to buy, probably you will save lot of time on grocery shopping

If you are not a morning person, then I just gave you a reason to be one and try grocery shopping in the morning, and yes, if you are like me who cannot gather his thoughts with tons of people around him, then first of morning and less people will make it easier for you to take decision.


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