How to Get Cash Back ?

Sites like eBates are making it easier to get paid to shop. Many online stores offer commissions to sites like eBates. And as online shopper we can get cashback to shop for using sites like eBates. And there are many other sites those pay you to shop online.  You need to understand these sites like eBates is not a marketplace or online shop. But they refer you to different shops such as Amazon, as long as you following the referring link. They earn a commission from the actual site making the sale. And you get portion of the commission from the cashback website. Now let us see how to get cash back using paid to shop sites

Other Sites like eBates –

Befrugal – They give you $10 sign up bonus.  Works exactly as eBates. You can redeem $25 minimum using paypal. You can withdraw the cashback after 1 month.

ebates Do you really need to know about eBates? I think eBates is the most popular cashback sites and they showed us how to get cash back for shopping online. And like this articles tells you there are other sites as ebates. It gives you a sign up bonus too, and they make payment every 3 months as long as you have earned at least $5 you can get paid in paypal.

Mypooints     – This is exacty like Swagbucks. You can earn points to shop, to watch videos, take surveys, read emails etc. You can redeem those points for paypal cash or Amazon gift cards.

Swagbucks   – They will give you $5 to sign up, and offers you many ways to earn cashback on shopping, filling up surveys, watching videos, searching using swagbucks search etc. You can redeem points as amazon gift card or paypal ( $25 minimum).

Plenti – This is more of a loyalty card for many merchants and they offer cashback for online shopping too. You can redeem the points you earn while shopping with Macys or other plenti partner.

iConsumer – gives you 100 shares. They are bit different than how you get cash back to shop. You get shares tp shop through iconsumers. It might be a interesting long term idea though.

Now you know other sites as eBates and you know how to get cash back for shopping online, so make sure you earn cash back on every single dime you spend online.

How to earn gift cards?

How to earn gift card

In this post I will show you how to earn gift cards, in many cases you do not have to do anything, so one might argue, that is free. But in each case you either invest your time or some information, in one form or other.

How to earn gift cards?

So here are 3 methods, you do not necessarily invest much time –

Use cross media panel and you can make $3 per week, totally passive, let google monitor your internet usage and you can redeem amazon gift card or whatever gift card you want.

Google offers survey opportunity on your android phone,  it is as easy as installing an app, answering tiny surveys. And you can watch movies or buy music or books from Google play store.

I purchased an android wear recently, and I am minting money with Achievement. It is simple, track your activities,, share your data and achievement will give you gift card for sharing information such as how many hours did you walk or how many hours did you sleep. You can read more about how exactly it works here.

Here are few more ways how you can earn gift cards, investing your time

Search on bing or other search engines to earn gift cards

Watch movies or videos and earn gift card, and here is the details.

You can participate in surveys through sites like mintvine and make money doing so.

You can earn cashback and giftcard for shopping online, you can get the details here.

You can convert your grocery trips to cashback through sites like ibotta and receipt hog, read the details here.

Use cashback credit cards to get 5% cashback for your purchases, ask me which card is best for you.


That is it guys, thanks for your time, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

How am I saving money on grocery?

LAst 1 year I was a member in whole sale club BJs, and I am sure I save a ton of money shopping there. You can read my post here to find out how am I saving money on grocery from BJs.

Apart from shopping in a wholesale club, there are other ways to save money.

Definitely coupon is the most popular way to save money. ibotta can help you with getting cashback, even on Uber, and of course on groceries, check this out today.

And there are apps those pay you to take pictures of your receipts, join receipt hog today.

There are lot of Cashback websites offer you cashback for shopping online. Watch the video below to find out how you can make cashback for every trip you make to walmart.

Apart from that, using rewards credit card will help you save up to 5% on your grocery expenses, let me know if you need more information on that.


My Passive income source in 2017

Well, I do have a full time job but passive income rocks. Who does not love little bit of extra cash?

Passive income source

Here are few things I do, that do not require a lot of my time.

Mintvine – Take surveys and minimum payout is $10, I usually cash out using Paypal.

YouTube – Just activate your adsense, connect with YouTube and all you need to do is, create quality videos. But here is the thing, you need to get 10000 views on your videos before you can monetize your videos.

Steemit – This is a social platform, and without censoring, because it is on blockchain. You can earn steem and cash out for real $ or BTC.

Cross MEdia Panel – $3 every week just to let Google browse your browsing habit.

Crypto Currency – Yes, this is my best bet, Bitcoin. My best investment this year, you can join the ride too today, but bitcoin from coinbase.

Gold Money – This is one option to keep my money safe. I am not bullish on USD and that is why I buy gold online on goldmoney. If you are believer of gold check them out.

Sushi and Honey JD

Last night was quite a night, apart from the fact that I tried raw fish with chop sticks ( I do not know how I managed those sticks)there was something else.
I love to observe and absorb. Helps me get different perspective and a better understanding of regular stuffs. While we 7 were diving into the sushi platter, 3 other guys from work joined us. Well, they came from a bar and they needed something stronger than beer.
Being a lifetime sober I knew something exciting was waiting for me. It started with one guy buying drink to one woman in our group. And it ended with the woman getting absolutely drunk. Pretty usual story line. Now here is the thing, unfortunately I am always the ( unwilling) designated driver, in fact this is one reason I try to avoid parties, given that it was a monday night I was not really expecting this.

But what surprised me more was the guys, we work together, and after this woman got drunk, they started laughing at her. She was not moving, thank god there was another female team member who helped her to get into car. But, all these guys being in their 30s or mid 30s were behaving like they are back in college. I found it really surprising. I was bit pissed off with them in the beginning, I was trying to connect the dots, may be it was the alcohol that made them act like jerks,

But then, I thought about the behavior. Yea, after dropping the drunk girl home, it was time to put my critical thinking cap on. I wonder if we have really evolved as a society, we laugh at others miserable situation, we are often not responsible. And if I come out that one sushi bar and think about a bigger community, we are still fighting over land, silver, food and other resources like we used to do in middle ages. We think any outsider is a threat to our resources and safety.
Anyway, it is what it is, good thing is, we had Galileo, Tesla and all these great scientists. May be they did not know what they were doing for the society, may be we do not have enough understanding about their contribution. I guess, sometimes before you can do the right thing, it is important that you are proven wrong and you understand it.

I would really like to see more humanity on this planet. I do not know about you, but when I see people not even giving up there spots for pregnant ladies or someone old and who needs the seat, I feel like the humanity is disappearing from human race faster than those ice caps from face of earth.

American Dream

Today is the last day I can ever say I am 31 years old. To be honest only few hours left. Life is kind of strange at this moment, it is not about the age. In the year 2011 when I arrived in Sydney, my life changed.

In 2012 I moved to US, I can still remember, the GMC truck I saw near airport and I fell in love. Yeah, I kind of love cars, and I never saw such a big SUV before in my life. And then I just moved around, New Jersey, Mass, Delaware, Virginia, DC, SFO, Miami, Arizona and now I am back to Boston.

When I was moving to Boston, I was pretty tired of moving. I always hated 9 – 5 desk job, I saw my dad doing that his whole life. I wanted to travel the world. Few weeks back I was all set to leave Boston, I am tired of public transport, crowed trains and the weather sucks.

But things changed, well situation changed, and I am stuck in Boston at least more few more months. Past year was pretty interesting for me – Thankfully I did not take too many NYC to SFO flights ( I guess only 1) , I did not miss any flight. I moved from one apartment to another by myself, well of course my friend helped me with the furniture and truck, and this was my first time, probably I wanted to find out why these movers are so expensive.

I guess my main focus was my health and learning new technologies, well for believers in global warming, we have a good news, only 9 trillion USD can re-freeze the whole polar regions back again. I was kind of worried, and used to think if the whole polar cap could be transported to moon or somewhere . Turns out no need to do that.

After 6 years of being rolling a stone, I gathered no moss but gained some wisdom. If you think I have an interesting life, may be you should think again, every night when I come back to my apartment the first thing I reach for is youtube, yeah I have a really quite place, but it might not be fun. But I signed up for this, may be I did not think it through, when you want to get something, you must give up many things, now I know why they say ” wish carefully, your wish might come true”


I am turning 32 in few days. Every year I go on a retrospection and try to figure out what did I do for one long year. Did I learn anything new? did I do something new? Did my life change for good or bad?

Every since I started working my world pretty much revolves around work, and some after more than a decade I am pretty sure this is not something what I wanted. Or may be did I?

I remember there was a time I was working more than 20 hrs a day, sometimes 23 hrs straight – I hated my life but still I never stopped working. I enjoyed the attention. First time I felt that people are noticing me and they think I am good for something. I think I was fighting the battle against myself, I was done being mediocre.

But recently I lack motivation, now that I rent my expensive apartment in Boston suburbs, I do not have enough motivation to move forward. I do not see a point in buying iphone or any expensive gadget for that matter. In fact I purchased my last phone in march 2016. I think this is first time I used one phone for a straight year.

It is really hard to admit that I think I am a failure, and admit that I did not want this life. And of course, may be I am typing these words here, because neither nobody knows me here nor would anyone care. I do not have a name or face here.

There are lot of things I am getting good at, and I really feel good about myself that I do more than most of my coworkers. I know what is going around in geo-political situation and I know how blockchain technology will take over the internet soon enough, I know how robots will serve me food in few years, but then I also know I suck at talking to another human being. Well, not talking, but connecting.

Things those are important to you, mostly are not that important to me anymore. Things change, time change, change is the only constant. The only thing grows with time is love. If we are not talking about that, may be we should not talk at all.



When I was in high school I figured friends are temporary. How ? When my result came out to be “not that good” and my “so called” friends made fun of me I saw the competitors, not friends. Thankfully that was last day in high school.

In college, things were different. I just have one and only one thing in mind. I wanted to get a job. I had to prepare for that. I already knew friendship means much more that companionship. I invested most of my time in one thing, preparing myself to get the job I wanted.

Life takes it’s own course. But, I do not regret that I gave up “fun” in college, I got the return on my investment. I will make it sound like everything is from wall street, but your time, physical labor, thoughts all are investments. Even if you go to church or temple , you seek God, you make an investment. And end of the day if you “feel” that you did not find your God, your investment might have gone bad.

So my point is, my investment helped me good return. At work, I busted my every cell in my body. I gave up my weekends. My health, personal relationships. I got what I wanted, at least that’s what I thought.

In 2015 I was in Florida,one lady, kind of “attacked” me saying that I am stealing their jobs(along with whatever else she said). Yeah, of course, I am not from this country, but her statement made me wonder ” if all my hard work was worthless just because I am not from the country and work on work visa”.
Anyway, that was a challenge for me, I always think, if I am competent enough ” I will achieve what I want” . That day I decided I will never exchange my own passport with any other countries passport. One more thing, India does not allow dual citizenship .

We divert our resources per our priorities. because we want to achieve something over something else. That might be completing the final stage in your video game, you are investing your time in. Likewise, I have goals too. I invest my resources too. And I am scared, if I am making the right investment.

One might ask, do I know, what I want? Of course, more than you can imagine, I know where I want to be. But, I do not know how I am going to get there.

One always has choice. I am worried, if I am making the right choices. Life is chain reaction, you cannot go back in in time and fix something you did. So, it is important that we make right choices EVERYTIME.

Dollar Shave Club coupon- get your first free one on me

Dollar Shave Club coupon

In case you do not already know DSC or Dollar Shave Club is a razor subscription service. You get one month worth of supply that is 4 cartridges for few dollars and of course it is cheaper than what you get out there in grocery store or drug store. Here is the link, you can check out now.

As long as you use my sign up link you will get $5 and use ”

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Mintvine Review: How to earn money online with Mintvine?


Mintvine has tons of survey opportunities, you can make like $10 per day if you can take all those surveys everyday. Survey points vary between 30 – 400 points in my experience.

1000 points equals to $10. You can redeem using paypal or get an amazon gift card. Survey is one of the options mintvine has to offer. You can use other offers and daily polls to earn points.

In the video below I have explained what are things you can do to make money.  So watch it for next 2 minutes.

Sign up for site now.