Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to motivate yourself to work out?

Since we are reaching almost 30s, we are losing our BMR and the regular eat outs and parties are putting a lot of calories to burn. And then the less we burn those extra calories they just stay underneath our skin as fat. Now there are 2 ways to cut down those extra pounds - cut down your calorie intake and start working out.

If you dint grow that habit of working out already then this is going to another challenge for you. Now I am working out for 10 years and I see people do not get enough motivation or strong drive to be physically active to cut down those extra pounds. So what does it take to work out and continue working out?

Honestly, I do not know what it would take to make you work out. I think it absolutely depends on the individual. Seriously work out sessions are really boring, really tiring and the after effects might give you aches and injuries those might not leave you soon. So how do I say that you are going to enjoy working out?

But, we all read and talk about benefits of work outs, I am not going to tell you those, as you already know probably more than me. I will try to share my story instead.

January, 2014 to June 2014 - I am 30 lbs heavier, super unfit, I found it impossible to run for 2 minutes. Result of age? No, I think that is mostly laziness, not working out, because in August , after I resumed my work out routine again, I am in better shape and my physical fitness is much better. Honestly, in last 11 years, the sense of a fit body and mind kept me going to gym, I have only one addiction in life, that's working out. Until you really start working out seriously and see the results, you will never be able to understand what you are missing in you are not working out.So all I will say, give 3 months to gym, work out seriously, get a trainer if you are new to gym, and you will see the results, then you will get your own motivation. One more thing, how you look and how you feel is not just about going to gym, it is mostly about your food habit.  

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