Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to become a mystery shopper?

It is true that you can become a mystery shopper and make little money. You get to audit, eat out ( read experience and evaluate) , visit stores make small purchases and get paid for all these. And yes, if you need to purchase a service and product as part of your assignment , usually they tell you your spend limit and as long as you do not over spend, they will reimburse your expenses.

Personally I like these small gigs very much. I will recommend Bestmark, as I have got assignments from them and they paid for successful completion. You can sign up for BestMark here and engage / apply in all sorts of assignments to make some extra money. Best Mark is best for car sale related assignments, car service etc, check out the video below, so basically in case you are shopping around for car purchase or car service, you can make money doing that with BestMark

Saturday, July 23, 2016

HodlCoin Mining - How to Mine HodlCoin?

Mining Hodlcoin is really easy. It is a 5 steps process -
  1. Step 1. Download the wallet
  2. Step 2. Install it
  3. Step 3. Make sure you are connected to internet, so the wallet can download the blockchain
  4. Go to Mining tab and click on solo mining, oh, make sure you have at least 2 - 4 gb ram
  5. This will use your CPU to mine coins , with my i5 I was mining at 70 - 80 hashes/sec

Hodl pays you to be a long term investor, check out the chart above, there is APR and bonus for keeping your Hodl.

I found 12 blocks those automatically turned into fixed deposits for 1 year. 1 year is a long wait time, but if you have some power in CPU to spare, you can mine the coin, I do not see much downside to this, if the coin price goes up you can make money.

Hodl coin can be exchanged too, but that is like 1 year away from the day you find your first block.

Friday, July 08, 2016

How to use Cloud Mine in EObot?

Eobot offers a cloud mining and you can mine lots of coins using it.

Yes, I took the short cut and now you can see ( in the picture above) the name of the coins you can mine. I think it is best to buy some cloud mining power and start mining.

Based on my research I would stick to following coins -

1. Dogecoin

2. DAO


4. Etherium

I am not planning to bitcoin, as the difficulty is up and the block halving and stuff , so I do not expect to profit from mining anyway.

The cloud costs .17 USD MHS and you can buy using your cryptocurrencies , bank account and credit card .

If you buy using bank account you wont be able to withdraw funds for 60 days and in case of credit card purchases, mined funds will be blocked for 6 months. There is no such hold for crypto purchase.

I will update once I start withdrawing funds.

Sign Up for EOBOT HERE.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Review of Hashflare for Bitcoin and ETH mining

May be this is bit too soon to review Hashflare, but I decided to write it anyway. Hash flare provides cloud mining, you can mine Bitcoin , Ether or litecoin.
To be precise, there are 3 products you can buy

SHA256 - This is as long as mining remain profitable and mines Bitcoin

Scrypt - This one to mine Litecoin, but pays in equivalent of bitcoin, and this mining will also continue till mining remains profitable

ETHHASH - this is to mine Ether or Etherium , mining contract is for 1 year. Pay out in Ether.

Price -

SHA- 256 - .80 USD per GHash/ Sec

Scrypt - 9.9 USD / MHash / Sec

ETHASH - 35USD / MHAsh / Sec

I purchased all 3 of them using credit card, and I cannot withdraw funds for 14 days. But, I think mining bitcoin is not that profitable , because it is not easy to mine, same for litecoin. I would rather mine for something that is worth something and mining is easy.

I am optimistic about Ether, anyway, I will keep you posted once I cash out whatever is mined. You can sign up here.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

How to mine using best Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin cloud mining sites?

Cloud mining sites are best to start mining with. You do not need any hardware or equipment and still you can mine and make crypto-currencies. But, you need to buy hash , it is like bandwidth for a layman. The more Hash you buy, you will have more mining power, it means faster mining.

Genesis Mining -  I think this is the most popular one, I paid them using credit card and ended up paying cash advance fee and foreign transaction fee, anyway, you can pay using bitcoin to avoid stupid fees.

They are supposed to have auto payout but I am currently on hold because I paid using credit card.

Hashflare - I personally like it better than Genesis mining, hashes are cheaper, and this is also in Estonia, while Genesis is in Bermuda , and I paid using credit card, they put me on a 14 day hold, but they show you return in terms of USD, which is cool.

Minergate - Minergate is not exactly a cloud miner, you will need to install their GUI miner and mine using your GPU / CPU, which is pretty cool.

In case you want to pay using bitcoin and do not have any, you can start here.

If you have any question, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Friday, July 01, 2016

How to earn money testing web sites or products?

There are sites where you can find beta testing projects, who actually pays you handsomely for your site or product evaluation and feedback. Here it goes -

Erlibird - pays anywhere between $5 - $10 per project, you will get paid for any project within 7 days of completion. You can get a payout via paypal, but there is a fee even if you are cashing out $20.

Whatusersdo - I have not done any project, but it is supposed to be same as erlibird.

Crowdsourced Testing - this is supposed to pay you for testing projects, but you need to do some free projects first so that you can qualify for paid projects, I am waiting to be accepted for free testing projects though.

usertesting - this is another beta testing platform, which I have not signed up for, but this is supposed to be paying $10 per testing task

Sunday, June 26, 2016

How to Make Free Satoshi or free bitcoin or free BTC?

You must have heard of Bitcoin Faucet, if not, then these are are like PTC or paid to click sites. You can make satoshi or the smallest denominator of BTC every 5 minutes, I have found 3 sites where you can make free satoshi or BTC, let me give you more details now -

Earning BTC are 3 steps process with following sites
1. register your self with your bitcoin wallet address
2.Solve a simple captcha to prove you are not a robot
3. claim you BTC / Satoshi / Bitcoin - Get 100 satoshi every 5 minutes. Every day you can go 120 times, so that is 12000 satoshis minimum. Minimum payout is 20000 Satoshi, paid every Sunday. - You can make almost 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes, they give you a 10% daily bonus. So if you make 10000 Satoshi one day, that day you will get 100 Satoshi as bonus, you can make a withdrawal when you reach 20000 satoshi. - Get 34 - 86 satoshi every 5 minutes, they give you lot of bonuses so you end up making more that that. Minimum payout is 20000 satoshis. You can enable auto payout.

Incase you do not have a Bitcoin Wallet yet, you can get one with Coinbase, with them you can directly buy or sell BTC / Bitcoins too. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to know if your phone line is being hacked?

We are all scared of being hear, well I mean being heard when we are talking to someone else :P. yes, I am talking about the paranoia you have about someone sitting outside of your house with an interceptor and listening to your calls. But, you do not need to monitor the street , just check following, to figure if your phone calls are being recorded or line is being hacked -

1. Your battery dies sooner - may be your phone is not that old and an interceptor is eating away all the power in the battery.

2. Does it switch on / off on it's own? Well, that might be an indicator

3. Try to power off your phone - is it taking too much time? Yeah, you have another reason to be suspicious

4. Do you hear unusual sound while talking over phone? Oh dear, channel noise might be another indicator.

5. Are you seeing unknown # on your cell or caller ID? Yes, may be someone else is joining the party and you did not invite him.

Please remember, I am not an expert and these are not very generic symptoms, do your own research and act responsibly. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

How to keep your electric bill low during summer ?

I am in Arizona and this is Summer. Average temperature is 83 F , well the maximum temperature goes up to 120F. And I am alday in home.
I live in 1 bed apartment with fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer, lights and fans - these are electrical equipments in my apartment.

  • This is how I use electricity -
  • I use fan almost all the time
  • Lights are one between 7 pm - 10 pm
  • Washing machine gets used twice a week
  • Dryer is used weekly once
  • AC thermostat is set on 82 F and 76F for lower
  • Kitchen appliances are used regularly
    •     Dishwasher , Fridge oven etc

I strongly believe since I have changed all my lights with LED and CFL, my electric usages has gone down. And I turn off TV , speakers when they are on stand by. Moreover you can see, I keep AC at pretty high, because when you use fan, it brings down the "feels like" by 5 degree F, so my overall electric consumption goes down.

And here is a video why you should worry about your electric use -

Also Read -

How Can you reduce Carbon emission?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What I did to cut down monthly expenses - How to reduce monthly expenses

Last night I decided I needed to list down every service I am purchasing, I wanted to see how much I  am spending that I could have saved. And I wanted to make sure that I am not purchasing liabilities.

I will try to list down -

1. Rent - Can't escape that

2. Renter's Insurance - can't escape that either, but can get it for minimum premium and make an one time payment to save some money, if you make monthly payments, usually you end up paying more.

3. Monthly subscriptions - Amazon prime , Hulu , Netflix , Google Family - I will probably get rid of Amazon prime, I am not buying so much stuff from Amazon anyway. And ebay can be a good alternative for Amazon, although Amazon has great products with reviews

4. Electricity and Internet - I do not have a cable or landline, I use antenna instead and Hulu helps me watch TV. I have electric connection and the internet, not the basic one though, because I stream stuff. Youtube , Hulu helps me kills time

5. Cell phone - I paid off my S6 and switched to Project Fi from T mobile and I am saving $20 every month.

6. Car Insurance - again pay the premium in full so you can save on monthly payment

7. Car - the monthly payment, gas and occasional maintenance, it is hard to escape. Only thing I did, I paid back car loan ASAP.

8. Grocery Subscription - although these are great, like I used "Hello Fresh" , "Blue Apron" , "Chefd" and slightly different but still grocery subscription service called "natural grocer" - these are expensive, and I got rid of them

9. Eating out - well, I have minimized this one too, to cut down my expenses

10. Purchasing clothes - can be fun, but costs you money, so I stopped buying stuffs frequently.

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