Friday, June 24, 2016

How to know if your phone line is being hacked?

We are all scared of being hear, well I mean being heard when we are talking to someone else :P. yes, I am talking about the paranoia you have about someone sitting outside of your house with an interceptor and listening to your calls. But, you do not need to monitor the street , just check following, to figure if your phone calls are being recorded or line is being hacked -

1. Your battery dies sooner - may be your phone is not that old and an interceptor is eating away all the power in the battery.

2. Does it switch on / off on it's own? Well, that might be an indicator

3. Try to power off your phone - is it taking too much time? Yeah, you have another reason to be suspicious

4. Do you hear unusual sound while talking over phone? Oh dear, channel noise might be another indicator.

5. Are you seeing unknown # on your cell or caller ID? Yes, may be someone else is joining the party and you did not invite him.

Please remember, I am not an expert and these are not very generic symptoms, do your own research and act responsibly. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

How to keep your electric bill low during summer ?

I am in Arizona and this is Summer. Average temperature is 83 F , well the maximum temperature goes up to 120F. And I am alday in home.
I live in 1 bed apartment with fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer, lights and fans - these are electrical equipments in my apartment.

  • This is how I use electricity -
  • I use fan almost all the time
  • Lights are one between 7 pm - 10 pm
  • Washing machine gets used twice a week
  • Dryer is used weekly once
  • AC thermostat is set on 82 F and 76F for lower
  • Kitchen appliances are used regularly
    •     Dishwasher , Fridge oven etc

I strongly believe since I have changed all my lights with LED and CFL, my electric usages has gone down. And I turn off TV , speakers when they are on stand by. Moreover you can see, I keep AC at pretty high, because when you use fan, it brings down the "feels like" by 5 degree F, so my overall electric consumption goes down.

And here is a video why you should worry about your electric use -

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What I did to cut down monthly expenses - How to reduce monthly expenses

Last night I decided I needed to list down every service I am purchasing, I wanted to see how much I  am spending that I could have saved. And I wanted to make sure that I am not purchasing liabilities.

I will try to list down -

1. Rent - Can't escape that

2. Renter's Insurance - can't escape that either, but can get it for minimum premium and make an one time payment to save some money, if you make monthly payments, usually you end up paying more.

3. Monthly subscriptions - Amazon prime , Hulu , Netflix , Google Family - I will probably get rid of Amazon prime, I am not buying so much stuff from Amazon anyway. And ebay can be a good alternative for Amazon, although Amazon has great products with reviews

4. Electricity and Internet - I do not have a cable or landline, I use antenna instead and Hulu helps me watch TV. I have electric connection and the internet, not the basic one though, because I stream stuff. Youtube , Hulu helps me kills time

5. Cell phone - I paid off my S6 and switched to Project Fi from T mobile and I am saving $20 every month.

6. Car Insurance - again pay the premium in full so you can save on monthly payment

7. Car - the monthly payment, gas and occasional maintenance, it is hard to escape. Only thing I did, I paid back car loan ASAP.

8. Grocery Subscription - although these are great, like I used "Hello Fresh" , "Blue Apron" , "Chefd" and slightly different but still grocery subscription service called "natural grocer" - these are expensive, and I got rid of them

9. Eating out - well, I have minimized this one too, to cut down my expenses

10. Purchasing clothes - can be fun, but costs you money, so I stopped buying stuffs frequently.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to play all videos on youtube channel when there is no uploads section on home screen?

1. Open the Channel - notice there are different links on top  such as "Home" , "Videos" ....

2. Click on Videos - Assuming there is no "Uploads" section on "Home" , let us navigate to "Videos"

3. There should a drop list with the option "Upload" selected on top

4. Select "All Videos" from there

5.You will see "uploads" section now, bring your cursor down and you will see "Play All" - click on it

Saturday, June 04, 2016

How to make money online for using internet?

Let me begin with a warning, if you are too concerned about your online activity being monitored for certain reasons , you will probably wont want to use below means, because they pay you because you let them monitor your online activity. But, I am pretty sure after using these for quite a while that they do not steal money from your account.

Media Insider Panel app -  Earn points to watch Hulu, Netflix or TV on your mobile / handheld devices and you can redeem the points for paypal cash or gift cards.

Nielsen Mobile App - essentially pay you to do nothing, I mean as long as you have internet on your devices be it a cell phone or tablet and you use it, Nielsen will reward you points those can be cashed out later.

Panel App - They award you points those can be redeemed for paypal or amazon gift card for mostly doing nothing and some daily surveys. Just install the app from apple or google play store and enjoy

Google Screenwise Panel - You can earn $3 per week if you have laptop / desktop , mobile and tablet just for installing the app or chrome extension and redeem for visa or paypal.

Smart App  - When I last checked they were not accepting new member, so can't speak a lot about it other than it is supposed to pay you to keep the pp installed in devices.

Digital Reflection Panel - They send you a small device like a router to install at home, and it uses same concept of monitoring your online activity and pays you $5 per device per month via paypal or prepaid visa, minimum payout is at $50.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why did I close my Amex Serve Account?

Let me first say why I opened the American Express Serve account. I did not want to use my credit card ( Amex card) and I had to pay for my lunch, and since the restaurant is actually Amex Cafe, so I got prepaid Amex card Serve.

Loading money was pretty easy. Just link your credit or debit card, and you can load money any time. Just note, I added my debit card, as I was not sure if adding credit card with the prepaid account would be a good idea. Credit card might treat these loading as cash advance and charge you fees, anyway, hence I went with debit card, pretty stupid, huh?

Although loading a prepaid debit card with another debit card look pretty stupid but the point to note here, my chase debit card does not give me any cash back but serve does. So serve can be treated as 1% cash back card.

Few other reasons to use Serve -

1. Serve wont check your credit score, so not hit

2. You get 1% cash back

3. Manage account online, you can get direct deposit

4. Get amex offers, buy stuffs at certain store and get cash back that is around 5% or more

5. Use it as debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATM with pin

Now let me tell you why I decided to close the account. They charge a fee to use serve, and I did not see a point of paying fee to use a prepaid card that I could live without. Fee I was charged was around $5.95 per month, but you can find serve with lower fee too.

My suggestion - if you do not need it, do not get it, even if you are getting it, make sure you would spend at least $600 on this card to make $6 in cash back to beat the fee.

Monday, May 23, 2016

How to naturally cure insomnia ?

If you are insomniac or experienced insomnia then I am pretty sure  right now you are more anxious about the fact whether or not you will be able to sleep tonight, than tired. Since I know few things about insomnia since I have experienced this myself, I know how exactly you feel right now.

10% of population experience chronic insomnia and 40% population experiences occasional insomnia.  Yes that is pretty big health risk.
Throughout the day we put stimulus such as caffeine, alcohol in our bodies and to make the matter worse, electronic devices such as your TV , tablet or smartphone become your best friend exactly before you go to bed. While you are watching those screens, they are just stimulating your brain, so when you go to bed and try to close your eyes, your thought process does not shut down. So, main problem is your brain is still active. It has nothing to do with how smart or stupid you are.

We all know we should sleep for 7 hours, when I say 7 hr of quality sleep that means, if you spend 8 hrs on bed , not sleeping, it is not really helping you. You wont feel rested, you will remain anxious, you will get easily irritated and your energy level will go down. There are worse side effects for long term insomnia, like heart attack.

My suggestion, take NOW Foods Melatonin 5mg Vcaps, 180 Capsules , before you go to bed. And before that get tested if you are allergic to caffeine, lower caffeine and alcohol consumption. Drink lot of water, and I hope after a while you will see good result.

Melatonin supplements do not have any side effects, they help you support your sleep, so that next morning you feel fresh. This supplement just helps our brain with melatonin which naturally produced by brain to put us to sleep, so this is not exactly a sleeping pill. this is the most popular on on amazon with more than 700 reviews , so go and read the reviews and give it a try.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Save money on Groceries?

Following are a apps I use or have used to earn cashback on groceries, if you have any question just ask me below in the comment section

Receipt Hog - Whenever you are visiting grocery store or buying anything anywhere, do not skip those receipts because taking snaps and uploading them will help you earn you points and first 100 points is equal to $5. Receipt Hog pays via paypal and minimum payout is $5.

EBates - Ebates offer you cashback on your online purchases, the minimum payout is $5 and pays every quarter via paypal. If you get 5% on purchase from and if you are earning 1% credit card rewards, you are actually saving 6%.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back-

ibotta - ibotta has loads of cashback offers for every nearby store. So just buy the brand, verify your purchase and get cash back. They pay via paypal, minimum payout $20.

SavingStar - Same concept as ibotta, you get cashback to buy specific brands and items, minimum payout is $15 and pays via paypal.

Checkout51 - You get cashback for buying specific items from specific brands, once you upload the receipt you will get cash back and minimum payout is $20, payments are made via paypal.

Plenti - is a reward program from American Express. This reward program has partnered with many brands, and lets you earn points just to use the services, such as "Hulu". And it gives you cashback to buy certain grocery items too. Just check them out, you can redeem your plenti points in Macys or at gas pump.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to earn money online - how to get paid to search ?

How many times do you google something everyday? All you need to do is to replace "Google" with "Bing". There are search engine services who will pay you to perform web searches. But it is like every 3 search will bring you 1 cent, but if you are savvy internet user, you can still make a significant amount of money with paid search.

Sign up for Bing regards to start earning money for performing web search.

Swagbucks pays you money to search using there search engine.

You can make some money to use inboxdollars search engine too.

How to get paid to try out new services ?

Yes, you can make money to try out new things, such as services or sign up for trial offers. Some of the new subscription services get you money to try them out, but I will say trial offers are really great to make money with. You need to sign up for a service for say $1 and you get $5 and you need to cancel the membership before the trial period gets over, so that you can make profit on your investment :)

Mintvine - I make most of my online earning from this site, check their offer section, 100 point is equal to $1 and you get paid via paypal once you reach minimum of $10.

Swagbucks - Check the discover section for new offers or just keep an eye on emails, you will get lot of offers to make money with. Payouts are very low and you can cashout via paypal once you reach $25 or 2500 points.

Inboxdollars - The payout is bit high, it is $30. But with so many ways to ear that includes signing up and subscribing to different services, reaching that level is easy enough.

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