Thursday, December 18, 2014

Target account hacked - hacker ordered $50 gift card for himself - SORRY HACKER

So, I am not going to agree with you that checking emails at 5.30 am in morning is bad habit. I just saved $50 just because I checked my email, and of course the hacker was not smart enough.

So, let me sum up -

Some hacker hacked into my target account
I had my credit card saved with my Target online account
So this guy ordered a $50 target gift card to his email, although it appears to be my own email address

Anyway, Target sent an email notification of the purchase, seeing that I figured the problem, so I logged in and cancelled the order.

Here are my quick tips -

pick a tight and secured password

do not store your credit card with any online site

Finally, in case someone hacks your account and uses your credit card account, make sure you monitor your credit card statement, do not ignore small transactions, in case of any fraud , report that to credit card company.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pros and Cons of snacking on nuts

I thought of sharing my experience of changing my snacking habit. So I was trying to switch from processed foods available in any major super market, I did my research and found that nuts are good alternative to snack on.

So I ran to supermarket and bought trail mix and different nuts.  

Well, let me tell you this they tasted so good that portion control was possibly missing from my dictionary.  And as a result I gained weight. The salty snacks had sodium and fat, but the fact of the matter is I could not limit the portion I was consuming.

Anyway, I changed to walnut and almonds. And I changed to raw nuts, so they do not taste so good anymore, and there is no salt. You can buy almond and walnut from big box stores and save some money. And now I add some walnut and almond in my oatmeal or making my apple crisps.

Now, I found jerky and cheese strings to snack on and now portion controlling is really easy. So gaining weight did not drive me nuts anymore. 

I would love to know your experience, you can put it in comment below.

PS: this is not a paid post and pictures are taken with items available in my pantry.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Which Cheese is best for you?

Have you ever wondered which cheese to choose with burger or salad when you are watching your calories? I do, hence I thought I would try to make life easier with sharing the following information, I was doing little research about different cheeses and was trying to figure out which one is healthier chees, I hope the table below will help you to choose the cheese. Well, I have no opinion about your preference, this table just gives you straight facts. 
Cheeses Type

Serving Size

Protein / Fat / Carbohydrate

Vitamins and Minerals


1 slice or 28gm 8gm protein
8 gm fat
2gm carbs
22% Calcium
16% Vitamin B12
106 Cals
1 slice or 28gm 7 gm protein
9 gm fat
20% Calcium
14% phosphorus
113 cals
28gm 7gm protein
4gm fat
1gm carb
22% Calcium
13% phosphorus
71 cals
28gm 7gm protein
9gm fat
1gm carbs
19% calcium
13% phosphorus
110 cals
Monterey Jack
28gm 7gm protein
8gm fat
20% calcium 104 cals
28gm 3gm protein
2gm fat
1gm carbs
8% calcium 39 cals
28gm 7gm protein
10gm fat
30% calcium 120 cals
28gm 6gm protein
8gm fat
1gm carbs
15% calcium
16% sodium
99 cals
28gm 6gm protein
8gm fat
1gm carbs
15% calcium
16% sodium
99 cals
28gm 10gm protein
7gm fat
1gm carbs
33% calcium
19% phosphorus
19% sodium
110 cals
28gm 6gm protein
8gm fat
9% riboflavin
8% vitamin B12
5% calcium
94 cals
28gm 3gm protein
0gm fat,
1gm carbs
5% sodium
4% selenium
4% phosphorus
20 cals
28gm 4.5gm protein
8gm fat        
90 cals
28gm 6gm protein
8gm fat
1gm carbs
11% riboflavin
10% phosphorus
8% calcium
102 cals

PS: this is not a paid post, all pictures are from my pantry

Friday, November 21, 2014

Why did I switch from fresh to frozen?

You know how everybody says eat veggies and maintain your good health and all. You read over and over again, how important it is to eat the veggies, now let me tell you why did I switch from fresh produce to frozen veggies. 

First of all, I am lazy, I mean super lazy, most of the time I do not feel like chop the veggies, frozen veggies come diced.

Fresh produce usually go bad pretty fast, frozen veggies usually last longer

Frozen veggies usually come in recipe ready packs, that's big relief 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interesting Picture - thought of sharing

You this guy in the pic? I dint want to shame him, well, one of my friend got me this pic and I thought of sharing as this pic is fun and it says more than thousand words those are better untold :)

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