Monday, January 12, 2015

Can you sleep well in night if you are working out late in evening?

So, here I am trying to prove that you can hit the gym hard at 9 pm then have a light dinner and sleep through the night like drunk baby ( that is also you can leave the bed dry without diaper). I thought of sharing this post or my experience after I read one article in the "Health" magazine. They have mentioned that there was a study that proved you can workout in night and then sleep like a baby.

So, let me quickly tell you my experience. So, there was a time when my daily calender was booked all day through 8pm with work, and it was difficult to make time for gym, so I used to hit the gym after 8 - 8.30 pm. And guess what, it was a good time to work out, I found couple of men who had a similar calender and we all used to go to gym around same time. Eventually I became good friends too. And I found out late evening when the gym is not crowded you get great attention from the trainer.

So, in 2011 when I was working out late in evening, mostly from 8 - 10pm, I actually was my best fitness and shape. Like I said, I had great friends in gym with same goal, great trainer attention, but if you are like me, working out for more than a decade, you know food and rest ( sleep) are two most important factors to reach your fitness goal.

I kept on reading in many articles that "YOU SHOULD NOT WORKOUT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED AT LEAST FOR 2.5 hrs", I always wondered how did I sleep so well when I was working out till 10pm in night. Anyway, finally I found the article in "Health" magazine, and understood that working out before going to bed is not that bad idea, probably I will do that again, for the record, I walk for 1 hr ( brisk walk) after dinner and before going to bed and I sleep very well.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Make Money on Internet - Make money searching the web - paid searching

I could have named the post "Make difference with your web search", but that post wont get a single hit in 100 years, so I will come straight to point. I know probably you are big fan of google, so am I. But, Bing ( bing is not google) is not bad and it serves my purpose and I am positive it will do the same for you and in the process you earn point that can make difference. I usually donate to charities you can redeem the points for gift card, I will highly recomend to sing up and use this program, click here. Thanks 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Why it is not safe to add random profile as friend in social networking sites?

So when we were in college Orkut was super popular. For the teens - Orkut was like facebook back in days but it was mainly popular in Brazil and India. Google had to replace Orkut with google plus once Facebook started gaining popularity in 2007, when another site lost it's ground - myspace.

Anyway, from my college days I saw these social networking sites as dating sites, like now recruiters go and search profiles in linkedin based on skillsets, I have seen guys sending friend requests based on profile pictures, speaking from experience, in most of the cases profile pictures were fake.

I had a friend, who was like Elvis Presley of blind dating, source of dates were social networks and chat sites. My friend considered himself very handsome, so I decided to check out his dates and followed him one day after college. Well based on what I saw, I never followed him again on his date. And of course he continued his search as he also could not find "The One ( with the face on profile)". Anyway, none of my friends found love on web.

Those were college days, now after coming to office, one of my junior suggested me to get into facebook as according to him "Facebook was full of single girls", as if I had any free time for them? But, I took his advice, although I had facebook account created in 2007 but never used to visit that one until 2010. But facebook dint bring me any luck just like my company could not. When I joined my company there was a rumor that 60% workforce is women, well it wasn't really out of the world idea to expect to find someone good looking with so many women around, was it? Well as it turns out, it was.

Anyway, only smart decision I took, I dint add any unknown friend in facebook, till date, well you can ask me why? Simple answer - it is not worth the trouble, follow the news you will hear about social media regarding all the wrong reasons , assuming you are not watching on of those wallstreet channels, in that case you might hear some news regarding how much profit these social networking sites are making and regarding their top line and bottom line growth and future business model.

I actually reached a level with junk friends in list, who never interact with me and I never bother to poke them. So, I decided to make my friendlist lighter, in fact I unfriended lot of people, those are basically my professional contacts. I have added them in linkedin anyway.

Once you get over your teen age years, you should stop worrying about peer pressure, at this age I understand how important it is to say "No" in the wrong places. I totally understand the pressure to project yourself as the "Cool One" - well if being cool brings a trouble, it is not worth doing. As you grow you make lot of friends, most of them are temporary friends, they wont matter anyway.

Anyway, so the point I wanted to make - build your social network carefully, even the web is not safe anymore, if you are reading this article then you have idea about the things I am talking about.

Feel free to share your experience and feelings. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why did I not renew my Amazon Prime membership ?

I am guessing you are here at my blog because you are really considering if you get that Amazon Prime membership or should you be renew the amazon prime membership. I think I can help you with that - reason being - I do a lot of shopping on internet and of course I am a former Amazon Prime member.

I signed up for Amazon prime in December 2013, as I got a good deal with american express, I got the membership cost reimbursed by the credit card company. So in 2014 Amazon asked for $99 to renew the service. But, I decided not to renew the service. Here are the reasons why I did not renew my Amazon Prime service -

First let me quickly sum up the benefits of being member -
1. you ( apparently) get free 2 days shipping on Amazon Prime eligible ( only) goods
2. You get amazon prime music ( based on your taste you can figure if you need that)
3. You can stream video content they have ( movies and TV shows)

I used to use these and apart from these you can use amazon mom, amazon pantry and so on, but I do not consider them to free and if you already have costo card or big box store membership, probably you don't need it.

But, amazon prime membership really comes handy when you have kindle, amazon echo, I have these and can tell you, if you have these amazon devices you will enjoy amazon prime membership.

So, here are reasons those may stop you from signing up or renewing the service -
1. Amazon Prime eligible items are already priced higher that non eligible items ( in most of the cases)
2. I wasn't big fan of TV shows or the music have give you for free
3. We have lot of alternatives to the amazon prime benefits

But 1 thing, I have seen best customer service by Amazon, and I am comparing this with eBay and other online stores. If you get damaged goods, Amazon will return / refund your money if you contact them, eBay does not do that.

IF you have any questions or comments, I will be more than happy to know.

Friday, December 26, 2014

What is my favorite protein bar?

So, we all snack and those of us who are kind of scared of fat, look for options full of protein. So, If you remember, I made a post regarding jerky and cheese sticks being good options to snack on.

Now, another good option would be the protein bars, yes there are the cereal bars too, but my favorite are the protein bars. I searched all major supermarkets for good protein bars. How I judge if a protein bar is worth a try? Well, two factors, amount of protein it contains and the calories you get out of it, and make sure the sugar content is low.

So, after searching a lot, I settled with Pure Protein bars, these are available  in Walmart and Costco, not sure about the price though, but I am sure these wont break your bank.

 Important to remember, this is not a paid post, I am just sharing this as I used this and quite happy with it.Feel free to let me know what protein bar you use, probably I will get that a try too. Peace!!!!

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